BitWei Zhang Wencheng: Shenma M3X series mining machine pricing is a comprehensive consideration combined with product quality, the mining machine one year warranty is the first in the industry

What is the meaning of “3X Era” at the online video summit of “World Digital Mining Conference” by Zhang Wencheng, BitWei sales director? In the Shenma M30 Mining Machine New Product Q & A, the price-related topics for the new Shenma Mining Machine product stated that the pricing and sales strategy of the M30 series products are based on the current currency price and other factors including machine performance and product quality Comprehensive consideration, the specific performance includes that the one-year warranty of the mining machine is the first in the industry. Bitwei has made many optimizations in the quality of the power supply of the mining machine and the performance of the heat dissipation plate. During the research and development, a clear goal was set. The rate is half lower than the M20 series. “After all, mining is an investment. Customers must pay attention to the return cycle, and BitWei has done its best to work with customers to face the risk of halving the future, or other uncertain factors that exist.” “World Digital Mining Conference” (World Mining Conference) is the first online video summit jointly organized by industry integrated marketing service provider Winkrypto and first-tier mining companies such as MicroBT, F2Pool Yuchi, Shanghai Diyi, GSR, etc., inviting nearly 70 people for 5 consecutive days The founder and person in charge of the mining and financial service organization of the cryptocurrency head, in-depth exchanges and share the challenges and opportunities of the mining industry, and look forward to the prospects of mining development in the cold winter of the industry.