The first ENS mortgage loan was loaned by NFT mortgage loan platform Rocket

Rocket, an NFT mortgage lending platform, issued a NFT loan worth US $ 1,000 this week. The collateral for this loan is an Ethereum domain name, brantly.eth, and the borrower is ENS operations director Brantly Millegan. The loan period is 90 days and the interest rate is 15%, this is the first loan with Ethereum domain name service as collateral. Within 90 days of the mortgage, ownership of the ENS domain name was temporarily granted to the loan issuer Rocket through NFT, but Brantly Millegan still reserves the right to use the domain name within the loan term. If the loan defaults, Rocket will retain ownership of the domain name and have the right to remove Millegan ’s access to it completely. Rocket NFT was initiated by Alex Masmejean. Alex Masmejean is a young blockchain evangelist. He is passionate about DeFi low mortgage lending and has been committed to the coordination and promotion of decentralized autonomous organizations. Currently it is MetaCartel DAO, Marketing Core contributor to DAO and Secret SanDAO. Rocket NFT is forked in Moloch DAO, which means that all funds are stored in smart contracts, and funds can only be allocated to support loans after the shareholders in the entire Rocket community reach consensus. At the same time, DAO’s loan pool is also completely transparent.