HBTC Hobbit founder Ju Jianhua announces new platform token HBC

HBTC Hobbit founder Ju Jianhua announced the new upgraded HBC hobbit token model HBC at the live broadcast of the two anniversary of the HBTC Hobbit trading platform (formerly BHEX) held today. Ju Jianhua said, “HBC is a blockchain token issued by the HBTC hobbit trading platform and an upgraded Pro version of the previous BHEX trading platform token BHT. HBC stands for the HBTC hobbit trading platform, HBTC Chain, and BlueHelix Cloud The core interests of the three major businesses. ” HBTC said that the way to obtain HBC includes: BHT holders exchange through the HBTC hobbit official website to open the exchange window for a period of six months; HBC is officially launched for a certain period of time, users use the currency, contracts, options on the HBTC hobbit trading platform After the transaction incurs a handling fee, the system will give away HBC in equal proportions until the activity gift quota is used up.