Ethereum capacity expansion plan TomoChain will join Binance’s monthly position rebate program on April 18th

TomoChain announced that it will join Binance’s monthly position rebate program on April 18, and users can get rebates by holding TOMO on Binance platform. The daily TOMO distribution quantity of users is the cumulative TOMO quantity obtained by Binance multiplied by the proportion of user positions, that is, the number of daily TOMO positions of users divided by the total TOMO positions of Binance. Binance will start to record the average daily position of TOMO users at 08:00 on April 18th, calculate the reward according to the above formula, settle daily, distribute monthly, and complete the distribution by 20th of each month. The first period of statistics is from April 18th to June 1st at 8 a.m. TOMO daily average positions, which will be distributed before June 20th. According to, Tomochain is a solution to improve the scalability limitations of the Ethereum blockchain. It plans to increase the speed of the system by using the layer 2 blockchain to support horizontal expansion, while also ensuring data backup with Ethereum Integration, the mainnet was released on December 14, 2018.