Coin India CEO: Miners have high requirements for safe structured products and do not trust existing exchanges in the market

Pan Zhibiao, founder and CEO of Binyin Mining Pool, answered the question about “bitcoin halving and miner risk hedging” at the “World Mining Association” special event of “Crypto Tonight”. He said that in 2019, many have financial Large new mines in the background enter this field, and they use different hedging and lending strategies. For example, they can now sell bitcoins dug in the future or sell existing bitcoins in the future to adjust the value of mining time in this way, but “most miners in China still need to make up a lot of lessons in financial products.” He also added: “I think they also have a high demand for structured products that earn interest safely. They don’t trust these exchanges in the market.” “Crypto Tonight” in this issue is a special event of the “World Mine Club” This is a talk show jointly launched by Winkrypto, Lianwen and Yama. In this issue, 9 guests were invited to discuss the topics of crypto finance and mining industry.