Derivatives exchange FTX launches panic index token BVOL designed to track implied volatility

Crypto derivatives exchange FTX launched the BVOL panic index token that tracks implied volatility. FTX stated in the official announcement that the BVOL panic index token is essentially an ERC20 token with the function of tracking the implied volatility of digital assets. The token obtains the implied volatility exposure of digital assets through the FTX MOVE volatility contract and will launch two BVOL tokens: BVOL and iBVOL. Among them, BVOL attempts to track BTC’s daily 1x long implied volatility; iBVOL attempts to track BTC’s daily 1x short implied volatility. FTX also stated that investors can not make specific judgments on the trend of BTC, but they may use BVOL panic index tokens if they have their own judgment on the possible fluctuation range, and users can purchase BVOL tokens on the spot market. Currency, users do not need to consider margin or other similar leverage trading factors. FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried said, “BVOL token is different from most existing volatility trading products because the token tries to represent the overall market expectations and will be officially launched next week.”