Curv opens Hong Kong office and establishes partnership with Japan Crypto Garage to expand Asian market

Crypto institutional wallet developer Curv announced the establishment of an Asia-Pacific office in Hong Kong and a partnership with Japan-based Crypto Garage to expand its business to the Asian market. Justin Dhingra, Chief Crypto Finance Officer of Crypto Garage, said, “From a security point of view, it is very attractive to store private keys at multiple points and use multiple parties to calculate the MPC key management protocol method.” Curv CEO Itay Malinger stated that Curv aims to help Asian exchanges self-host cryptocurrencies through their multi-party computing (MPC) technology. He also said, “Compared with the United States and Europe, exchanges in the Asian region are hosted more frequently, and the per capita transaction volume in Asia is also higher than in other regions of the world.” Curv is a digital asset security platform that can be regarded as an institution-oriented encrypted asset wallet service provider that uses a secure multi-party computing protocol. It is creating an institution for digital asset security by eliminating outdated single points of failure such as “private keys” Standard. Lianwen previously reported that Curv co-founder and CEO Itay Malinger shared their plans for 2020 at the “Crypto Tonight” event, and recently Curv launched the API Key Secure Multiparty Computing (MPC) solution and Blackbox wallet solution .