Filecoin will launch the second phase of the testnet with token rewards in May, and the mainnet launch is estimated to be at the end of July

Filecoin posted the roadmap and project progress updates on the official blog, and said that the second phase of the testnet will be launched during the window period from May 11 to May 17, and the estimated mainnet launch window period is scheduled for July. 20th to August 21st. At the same time, Filecoin officially stated that it will provide more than 1 million FIL rewards for participants in the specific test in the second phase of Testnet, and the rewarded FIL will be delivered after the mainnet launch. Filecoin also announced the key progress of the project, including achieving interoperability between go and lotus, and the total effective storage capacity of the test network exceeds 5PB. It is worth mentioning that the official specifically pointed out that efforts are being made to optimize and improve the PoRep, which will be used for the mainnet replication proof mechanism, and advises miners not to purchase hardware on a large scale.