The Cdot team’s GRANDPA client proposal becomes the IBC cross-chain communication standard, providing the foundation for heterogeneous cross-chain

The development team Cdot Network announced that its GRANDPA Client proposal has become the Cosmos IBC cross-chain communication standard, numbered ICS10. GRANDPA is the final device of the Polkadot relay chain consensus algorithm, and the Cdot team stated that this solution will be adopted by many Substrate application chains. The ICS10 proposal defines the interaction between the GRANDPA blockchain and other blockchains as the basis for heterogeneous cross-chain. In addition to participating in the formulation of the agreement, the Cdot team said that it has developed the Substrate IBC module, as well as Demo, CLI and other auxiliary tools, all of which are open source. The Cdot team expressed its hope that it can connect Polkadot and Cosmos two application chain ecosystems, and believes that ICS10 and Substrate IBC are the key steps to achieve this goal.