Shenma mining machine M30S ++ and M30S + are sold out on the day of listing

Mining machine manufacturer Bitwei announced that the Shenma mining machines M30S ++ and M30S + listed at 10:30 Beijing time were sold out at around 10:33 and 12:00 respectively. On April 17, Bitwei officially released Shenma M3X series miners M30S ++ and M30S +, M30S ++ single computing power 112T, power consumption ratio 31J / T, spot price 29,209.6 RMB each; M30S + single computing power 100T, power consumption ratio 34J / T, the spot price is RMB 20,530 per unit. BitWei said that it will provide a one-year warranty service for the Shenma M3X series of mining machines. The M3X series of mining machines are “miners’ effective solutions to bitcoin halving and abundant water”.