Hedge fund Renaissance Technology has been granted access to the Bitcoin futures market, with approximately $ 75 billion in assets under management

Hedge fund company Renaissance Technologies (Renaissance Technology) said in a document submitted to the regulator that its The Medallion Funds are allowed to trade Bitcoin futures and will be limited to CME cash delivery Futures contract. The document suggests that these instruments may involve greater risks and losses than traditional financial instruments. The risks associated with bitcoin include: no government recognition of fiat currency, lack of a central authority for issuance, and easy manipulation by malicious behavior , Easy to fork, price fluctuations and so on, nearly 12 items, any of these factors may have a significant adverse impact on the investment value of the fund. According to Wikipedia and public information, Renaissance Technology was founded by James Simmons in 1982. James Simmons is an award-winning mathematician and pre-Cold War era password cracker. The Medal Fund invests in history Known as one of the best records in the world, in 20 years, its annual return on investment exceeded 35%, and the scale of management funds was about 75 billion US dollars.