Stablecoin USDC market value increased by 65% ​​in March, Asian market demand mainly comes from SMEs

Driven by the global new crown epidemic, Circle announced that it had switched its business to stablecoins four months after its stablecoin USDC issued unexpected growth. CoinMetrics data shows that the market value of USDC has risen by 65% ​​from 4.44 on March 1. US $ 100 million has grown to US $ 734 million. Jeremy Allaire, co-founder and CEO of Circle, said that in the past few weeks, through cooperation with Coinbase, USDC has experienced explosive growth, and new users have come from the e-commerce market, advertising networks, luxury goods manufacturers, recruitment platforms, digital content markets, Peer-to-peer lending platforms, payment companies, software companies, professional services companies, incentive businesses, mobile banking providers, and Internet companies. Feedback from Asian market participants shows that the growing demand for USDC is mainly from small and medium-sized enterprises seeking the security and utility of digital dollars. The Circle business account launched for corporate customers last month has increased by 700% in the past few weeks, with more than two-thirds of the business coming from outside the encryption field.