Di Yi Li Peicai: Miners can use options futures, quantification and other tools to build revenue enhancement strategies, and compliance with OTC channels is particularly important

Li Peicai, the co-founder of Shanghai Diyi, said at the online video summit of the “World Digital Mining Conference” that the host had “what are the suggestions for the miners who want to survive in the current situation”? Going forward, I suggest that hedging the risk of falling coin prices can be done by including hedging, buying options, buying the best-performing machines, and separating mining and hoarding. He also said, “The current strategy is that all miners do not hoard coins before returning to the capital, all the coins mined every day are sold. And on this basis, use options, futures, quantitative wealth management and other tools to build a revenue enhancement strategy To further shorten your payback cycle. ” In particular, he pointed out that for miners, compliance with OTC channels is very important. OTC trading platforms are the most important channel for institutional users to invest in digital currencies, as well as the necessary infrastructure for the mining industry. “Only OTC trading platforms are well established, especially It is a fiat currency trading platform that can build a bridge for institutional users to enter the market. Koi trading is a long-term and stable partner of Diyi. It is also an over-the-counter OTC trading platform trusted by the miner industry. “