Slow fog: preliminary statistics Lendf.Me was attacked and lost about 24.7 million US dollars

According to the statistics of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) system of SlowMist Technology, according to the asset statistics obtained by Lendf.Me according to the attack contract deployed by the attacker (0x538359785a … 759D91D), the cumulative loss is about US $ 24,696,616, the specific currency And the amount: WETH: 55159.02134, WBTC: 9.01152, CHAI: 77930.93433, HBTC: 320.27714, HUSD: 432162.90569, BUSD: 480787.88767, PAX: 587014.60367, TUSD: 459794.38763, USDC: 698916.40348, USDT: 7180525.081569999 291.3471. After that, the attackers continuously exchanged the stolen coins into ETH and other tokens through dex platforms such as, ParaSwap, and Tokenlon.