F2Pool COO: The mining pool needs technology first but there are still risks. The fish pond also paid hundreds of bitcoins a day

During the online video summit of the “World Digital Mining Conference”, Dayu, the chief operating officer of F2Pool Yuchi, said to the host about the topic “whether the mining pool is a profitable business”, the mining pool is definitely the first point It is to fight technology, in the case of relatively solid technology, at the same time when the computing power reaches a certain level, and it will last for a period of time, you can say that you are making a profit and not losing money. The fish pond has also lost hundreds of bitcoins in a day. Because bitcoin generates blocks in 10 minutes, even if the computing power is high, it may not be able to produce blocks, but the mining pool still needs to advance the user’s coins. So from a mathematical point of view, when the long-term line is pulled, the mining pool can say that it can make a profit without compensating, provided that the computing power reaches a certain level. He also said that technology is the premise of the mining pool, and the service is only a plus. Even if the service is good and the technology is incomplete, it is likely to lose money.