Founder of dForce: working with exchanges and law enforcement agencies to track down hackers, “We will not be defeated”

Yang Mindao, the founder of the decentralized financial platform dForce, reviewed the attack on the lending platform Lendf.Me in a public article and said that he was trying his best to recover the stolen funds. He said that dForce discovered the attack from the internal monitoring system at 9:15 am on April 19th, Beijing time, and then immediately shut down the Lendf.Me and USDx contracts, and shut down the website and launched an investigation. At present, it is known that the attackers used the vulnerability of the ERC-777 standard adopted by imBTC to perform a “reentrancy attack”, which resulted in the withdrawal of assets with a market value of about 25 million US dollars from the contract. Yang Mindao said, “The hackers tried to contact us, and we also intend to discuss with them.” He said he would provide more details of the incident before 11:59 on Monday night. Yang Mindao also disclosed several measures to recover the stolen funds and follow-up to resolve the incident, including: 1. Contacted top security companies to conduct a more comprehensive security assessment of Lendf.Me; 2. Worked out solutions with partners , Capital reorganization of the system, “Although we have encountered an attack, but we will not be knocked down”; 3. Is working with mainstream exchanges, OTC dealers and law enforcement agencies to investigate the situation, withhold stolen funds and track down hackers .