Media: FCoin may restart in June, considering suing early investors

According to media Wu said on the blockchain report, FCoin has now formed a temporary committee of five major investors, planning to restart FCoin’s Fmex contract exchange in June, and FCoin is ready to restart as “the world’s first reference zero-knowledge proof solution. “, But the timing of the restart will still depend on Zhang Jian ’s choice overseas. According to a core member of the interim committee, Wu told the blockchain that the real reason for FCoin’s closure is that early institutional investors used platform vulnerabilities to dig up a large number of additional FTs and then exchanged for mainstream currencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT The loss of user assets stored on the platform. The ad hoc committee member said that they hope to recover assets from investors who have early passed arbitrage arbitrage to cover investor losses, and are prepared to use legal and litigation methods.