The chain game Horseman GO will start the public beta at 14:00, and multiple institutions will sponsor the horse racing championship

Horseman theme game Horseman GO will start public testing at 14 o’clock today. Horseman GO stated that this is the world’s first Decentralized Autonomous Game (DAG), based on code operation governance mechanism rather than centralized corporate entity control. Compared with traditional games, Horseman GO claims that running games through smart contracts on the chain subverts the confrontation between game operators and players, creating a new situation of cooperation and co-construction; compared with the previous chain games, Horseman GO emphasizes more Game attributes, with playability as the first priority, target users are not only placed on traditional chain users, but also include traditional game players. On the second day from the open beta, the MYKEY Cup Singapore Horse Championship sponsored by MYKEY will be held for up to one month every day. The total prize money for each competition is 10 EOS, and the total prize money is up to 300 EOS. Competition “,” EOS Canon Cup Grand Prix “,” Wheat Wallet Cup Grand Prix “and” TokenPocket Cup Grand Prix “.