IRISnet Foundation launches commission promotion plan and second-phase token destruction plan

The IRISnet Foundation announced the launch of the “Entrusted Promotion Plan” and the “Second Phase Token Destruction Plan”, which will begin this month for a period of one year and be executed once a month. After considering the community proposal comprehensively, the IRIS Foundation decided to expand the use of the ecological development fund: in addition to retaining the four uses of entrustment, grants, airdrops, and destruction, it will also increase targeted rewards for community trustees and validators. The “Promotion Plan” encourages community members to increase the number of unsolicited commissions and enhance the power and strength of verifiers to maintain network security in the long term. At the same time, the IRIS Foundation launched the second phase of the token destruction plan, which will continue the purpose of the first phase of the token destruction plan, that is, by destroying part of the principal of the ecological development fund and all the entrusted rewards, IRISnet ’s actual inflation is zero aims.