Cobo Senior Vice President: Miners need to consider two points when choosing a financial platform, namely safe storage and platform risk control strategy

Cobo Senior Vice President Li Yao said at the online video summit of the “World Digital Mining Conference” how miners should correctly use different financial instruments. Hedging and futures are the two most commonly used tools. Try to use delivery contracts for hedging. In addition to futures, you can also consider options. At the same time, there are two points to consider when choosing a platform, namely safe storage and platform risk control strategy. The second is the product design capability. If it is an individual who does hedging, he should not increase or reduce the position because of a whim. At the same time, Li Yao mentioned that only 3% -5% of Cobo’s funds are placed in hot wallets, 5% are in warm wallets, and more than 90% are stored in cold wallets. So in extreme cases, five Cobo hot wallet nodes are attacked worldwide, and Cobo can also guarantee that at least 95% of customer assets are safe.