Algorithmic trading company GSR launches two computing power derivatives to hedge miners’ costs and benefits

Song Zhengxin, head of the Asia-Pacific region of GSR, said at the online video summit of the “World Digital Mining Conference” that GSR has launched two derivative financial computing power-derived products that enhance revenue for the halving and the Fengshui market. “High-level cash-out products” can help miners In the future cycle, lock a selling price higher than the current price to hedge the monthly electricity cost; the second product is an “increased yield product”, and miners can cover part of their own fiat currency costs by selling call options. At the same time, for the leveraged lending customers, GSR also launched the lending products aimed at the realization of “unclosed positions and non-filled positions” through the option portfolio. GSR was established in 2013 and manages billions of dollars in digital assets through a self-developed digital asset trading system. The team members are from traditional financial and technology companies such as Goldman Sachs, Oracle, and IBM. GSR stated that it will enter the Chinese market for the first time in 2019 and hopes to bring traditional financial service solutions to the mining and currency circles.