Matrixport Lin Rong: New trends in mining financial products can focus on the development of derivatives and asset securitization

Lin Rong, senior vice president of Matrixport, a Singapore-based one-stop financial services organization, proposed to the host at the “World Digital Mining Conference” online video summit “what are the professional financial products based on mining circles or currency circles?” “New Trends” related topics indicate that the future of new trends in mining financial products can focus on two points: One is the development of derivatives, including options, swaps, and convenient structured products such as Matrixport’s pioneering dual-currency financial management and zero-interest borrowing Second, asset securitization, including various types of debt transfer, packaging and risk grading based on mortgage and expected income. At the same time, with the large-scale application of blockchain including Libra, the connection between the encryption market and the entire traditional market has played a certain role in stimulating the wealth management market, revitalizing the entire interest rate and financing. Regarding the development of crypto derivatives, she specifically pointed out, “The zero-interest pledge borrowing pioneered by Matrixport, combined with the option product, can give customers zero-interest borrowing without the need to make up positions. Since its online launch at the end of January, it has completed tens of millions of dollars of options trading for customers. The goal is to effectively help customers avoid liquidation in a large market volatility. “