BCH is expected to be upgraded on May 15th, and major development teams have released new versions that are compatible with the BCH upgrade content

According to the draft of the May 15, 2020 Network Upgrade Specification published by the Bitcoinincash.org website: When the median time elapsed in the last 11 blocks of BCH (MTP-11) is greater than or equal to the UNIX timestamp 1589544000, Bitcoin Cash will be based on The specification implements the upgrade of network consensus rules. This also means that the BCH upgrade time is about May 15, 2020. The changes to the consensus rules in this upgrade are: 1. Replace BCH’s SigOps counting and limiting system with the new SigChecks system; 2. Add a new opcode named OP_REVERSEBYTES to the script system. In addition to the changes in the consensus rules, there are some changes that are not consensus content, but are recommended for BCH client policy changes: 1. The maximum number of ancestors in the memory pool is changed from 25 to 50; 2. The descendants in the memory pool The default value of the maximum number has been changed from 25 to 50; 3. Automatic replay protection for future upgrades. As the upgrade time of BCH is approaching, the major development teams of BCH have released new versions compatible with the upgrade content of BCH, so as to allow the major nodes of BCH enough time to upgrade.