HackenAI, a personal network security application, will be released next week to the official version 1.0, supporting iOS and Android

HackenAI, a personal network security application, announced that it will launch the official version 1.0 on April 27, and it will be released on the Apple and Google App Stores. The official said that the 1.0 official version will include features that were not added in the previous public beta, and more information will be announced during the app’s release. Lianwen previously reported that the public version of HackenAI provides users with functions such as network security courses, dark web monitoring, password management, and digital wallets. In the future, it will also support functions such as multi-factor authentication, secure storage, VPN, antivirus, and anti-phishing. . The public test version runs on the VeChain VeChain Raytheon blockchain testnet. Some functions such as token swap or transfer have not been opened. HackenAI’s HAI token is also issued based on the VeChain VeChain Raytheon blockchain. The white paper shows that Hacken is a cybersecurity ecosystem founded in 2017, formed by cybersecurity experts and white hat hackers. CEO Dmitriy Budorin was a senior director of the Ukrainian military defense industry, and also worked in Deloitte for financial and IT audit .