CoinHunter: The latest case of Telegram “brick arbitrage” fraud, three users were deceived 834 ETH

According to the coin hunter CoinHunter, in the past three days, three users submitted a coin-losing incident feedback that they had been scammed by Telegram’s “brick arbitrage”. The criminals pretended to use the “moving brick arbitrage” statement, claiming that 1 ETH can be exchanged for 50-100 (adjusted according to the market) “HT”, thus guiding three users to transfer 834 ETH to the fraudster 0xcf7eb5e, 0x8e047fc contract address In the process, and return the false “HT” to the user to defraud the user’s assets. According to the statistics of CoinHunter, the total amount of scam scams has exceeded 50,000 ETHs. As of the time of reporting, the scams continue to operate.