MyEtherWallet supports users to use the “.crypto domain name” wallet address launched by Unstoppable Domains

MyEtherWallet announced the cooperation with the blockchain domain name project Unstoppable Domains to support users to use the “.crypto domain name” wallet address system. “.Crypto” is a domain name system developed by Unstoppable Domains and based on the Ethereum network smart contract. Unstoppable Domains said that the domain name system means that if an attacker wants to shut down a site, the entire network must be shut down. MyEtherWallet stated that the “.crypto domain name” wallet address system means that users can choose not to use cumbersome 35-letter and numeric addresses, but can associate the “.crypto domain name” with the user’s cryptocurrency wallet when receiving and paying. Lianwen previously reported that Unstoppable Domains had completed a US $ 4 million seed round of financing in 2019, led by the cryptocurrency fund Draper Associates, and participated in the Boost VC investment. .