The central bank’s digital currency Xiong’an pilot invitation list is released, with 19 companies including Starbucks

According to the pulse report from the media, on the afternoon of April 22, the Xiong’an New District held a pilot promotion meeting on the legal digital yuan (DCEP). The promotion meeting was organized by the Reform and Development Bureau of Xiong’an New District Management Committee. Including digital currency research and development institutions, pilot merchants are invited to participate. It is worth noting that the digital currency used to be used for transportation subsidies in Suzhou, but in Xiong’an’s pilot recommendation list, it is mainly catering and retail companies. Participants in this promotion meeting consisted of three parts: First, the relevant departments, including the Development and Reform Bureau of the New District Management Committee, the Shijiazhuang Center Sub-branch of the People ’s Bank of China, the implementation team of the legal renminbi pilot work of the Xiong’an New District, and the in charge of the Xi’an ’s Smart City Federation Second, the institutions involved in the research of digital currency include the branches of workers and peasants built in Xiong’an, and the relevant heads of Ant Financial and Tencent; third, the head of the application pilot unit of the central bank DCEP to be landed. The specific list is as follows: Zhonghai SPV, Jinfeng Catering, Jiankun Catering, Kaili Hotel, Oscar Studios, McDonald ’s, Starbucks, Subway, Golden Baihe, Cainiao Inn, UnionPay Unmanned Supermarket, Jingdong Unmanned Supermarket, Velcro 19 units including Baking, Kunlun Hospitality Convenience Store, Qingfeng Baozi Shop, Zhongti Bili, CITIC Bookstore, Taoli Pavilion, and Unmanned Vehicles in the New Period. Except for China Shipping SPV, the rest are all store-type units for catering, entertainment and retail.