The cross-chain protocol tBTC based on Ethereum and anchoring Bitcoin will be launched on the mainnet on May 11

The privacy protocol layer project Keep Network announced in the official blog that the cross-chain protocol tBTC based on the Ethereum network and anchored in Bitcoin will be launched on the mainnet on May 11, and the agreement will use MakerDAO’s ETHBTC to feed the price and will Limit dApp deposits to small amounts, which will continue to grow in the next few weeks. Venture capital studio Thesis launched Keep Network in 2016. Keep Network has since collaborated with cross-chain financial service provider Summa to create the Cross-Chain Working Group. The group said that it has been working on a “minimal trust” based on The Ethereum network anchors Bitcoin’s cross-chain protocol tBTC, and tBTC will be the first major application launched on the Keep network. Lianwen previously reported that the development team of Keep Network and tBTC, the venture capital studio Thesis announced earlier this month that it has completed a round of $ 7.7 million financing led by Paradigm Capital, with participation from distributed capital, Collaborative Funds and other institutions.