Tezos Foundation Director: Building secure DeFi applications faces economic and technical challenges

Tezos Foundation Director Ryan Lackey said in the AMA on the theme of “cryptocurrency investment” jointly held by Babbitt International and ChainNode, he pointed out that DeFi World has been aware of these issues, but on many platforms It is technically difficult to build a secure application. Like building a C / C ++ security application on a platform without memory protection in the 1990s, it can be done, but it is not the way to build an application. The default mode. Therefore, a lot of expertise and effort are required to ensure safety. He also pointed out that this is a growing period of pain. The way forward is a better platform, better tools, and reuse of safe, audited components, which does not require every DeFi application to Build everything uniquely from the start. The industry will go through this period, but generally speaking, there are some fundamental challenges in building safe and reliable DeFi applications, including a combination of economic and technical vulnerabilities, which may be exploited by anonymous opponents around the world. This is a very challenging Threat model.