Arctos Capital injects capital to the American mining company Blockware Mining and sells and leases back mining machines

The investment company Arctos Capital acquired US $ 1 million worth of assets from the US bitcoin mining company Blockware Mining, but leased the acquired mining machine back to Blockware Mining to enable the company to continue the mining and mining machine hosting business. Blockware Mining said it will use the financing to purchase other mining equipment to further expand the company’s cryptocurrency mining capabilities. At the same time, the company mentioned that the batch of mining machines is the ant mining machine produced by Bitmain. Arctos Capital Managing Partner Trevor Smyth said, “We think this is one of the first sale-and-leaseback transactions in the United States in this industry. The lease structure of crypto mining equipment will provide an efficient and low-risk method for Bitcoin mining companies. To free up working capital and expand its revenue. ” Lianwen note that the sale and leaseback refers to the sale of self-made or purchased assets, and then leased back to the buyer for use. The advantage of this transaction is that it enables equipment manufacturing companies or asset owners to obtain the required funds while preserving the right to use assets, while at the same time providing profitable investment opportunities for lessors.