Openfinance: Digital securities issuers may not face a centralized delisting if they do not renew their digital securities

According to Coindesk, this morning, Juan Hernandez, CEO of the digital securities trading platform Openfinance, sent an email to his institutional investors to update the platform’s recent situation. The email mentioned, “If the currently listed digital securities issuer no longer renews the agreement, then Openfinance intends to delist the unrenewed digital securities from the platform on May 21 and suspend trading. Juan Hernandez said that currently, on the platform The transaction volume of the existing tokens is still low, and no increase in revenue corresponding to the cost of supporting the continuous expansion of the digital securities platform has been seen. Therefore, Openfinance requires issuers currently listed on the platform to renew the listing agreement and undertake Part of the cost, which includes the listing fee that needs to be paid annually. However, given that our digital securities issuer has not updated the listing agreement, the platform intends to start the delisting process, and it is expected that the current token will be delisted before the end of May. “