Wheat Wallet has joined the Nervos ecosystem, becoming the first plugin wallet that supports CKB

The wheat wallet has joined the Nervos ecosystem. The wheat browser plug-in wallet has supported CKB storage and address creation. Currently, it supports the development of a test environment. Developers participating in the Nervos ecosystem can directly use the wheat browser plug-in wallet carrying environment. Maizi Wallet stated that this is the first plug-in wallet developed to support CKB. According to Block123.com, Wheat Wallet is a multi-platform cross-chain wallet. Its products include APP wallets, web wallets, browser plug-in wallets, and hardware wallets. Its investors include distributed capital, FundamentalLabs and other famous blockchain investment institutions. . Nervos CKB is a low-level public chain based on the PoW consensus mechanism. The mainnet was launched in November 2019. Its Nervos DAO lock volume is close to 5 billion, and the mining computing power has exceeded 7PH / s.