Blockstack new consensus algorithm has been launched on the testnet, and the mainnet is scheduled to be launched in the summer

The distributed computing network Blockstack announced that the test network for the new consensus algorithm Stacks 2.0 has been officially launched, and the main network launch time is planned for later this summer. The test network is planned to be carried out in four stages. The first stage provides basic end-to-end functions. Miners will not be able to perform PoX (Proof of Transfer) consensus, and users can send and receive STX tokens. The second stage will be integrated to ensure The core functions are integrated, including smart contracts, etc .; the third stage will provide proof of transmission PoX; the fourth stage will ensure the migration of the network and miners from Stacks 1.0 to Stacks 2.0. Lianwen previously reported that the Stacks 2.0 update plan includes the use of Rust language, native Stacks mining and smart contract language Clarity, and other important improvements. The official will call the new Stack 2.0 consensus algorithm Stacking and will use proof of transmission PoX ( Proof of Transfer) replaces PoB (Proof of Burn) for mining.