Open network platform NEAR announced economic model, initial circulation of 1 billion, pledged inflation rate of 5%

The open network platform NEAR announced the economic model. The initial circulation of the full-featured mainnet was 1 billion tokens, of which 14.5% was allocated to the initial team and contributors, 23.5% was allocated to financial supporters and early investors, 3.8 % Is allocated to test projects and verifiers, 15.5% is allocated to full-featured mainnet pre-POA and community contributors in the restricted phase, and the remaining 42.7% is held by the NEAR Foundation. As a PoS public chain, the NEAR pledge inflation rate is set at 5%, and 90% of the NEAR tokens issued every year are allocated to staking nodes, and the other 10% is attributed to the protocol reserve. Since NEAR’s network transaction fees are destroyed, the annual inflation rate of the entire NEAR network is less than 5%. Earlier, NEAR announced that it would launch the mainnet in three stages, and the first stage of the POA mainnet will be launched in the near future.