Li Lin stepped down as executive director of “Hainan Xinyi” and Zhang Linlin, supervisor of “Huobi Tianxia Investment” took over

According to the information from Tianyanchao, Huobi Group CEO Li Lin has stepped down as executive director of Hainan Xinyi Network Technology Co., Ltd. on the 21st of this month, and this position is held by Zhang Linlin. Li Lin is the ultimate beneficiary of Hainan Xinyi and holds 90% of the shares. Zhang Linlin, who took over his post, is a supervisor of Beijing Huobi Tianxia Investment Co., Ltd. According to the data, Hainan Xinyi was established in April 2018. The legal representative / manager is currently Huobi COO Zhu Jiawei (10% shareholding). Sales and other services.