Global Blockchain Patent Report: Top 100 companies in China account for 60%, and Alipay Blockchain patent ranks first

IPRdaily, an authoritative third-party organization for intellectual property rights, today released the “2019 Global Blockchain Patent Ranking”. The list shows that as of April 17, 2020, Alibaba (Alipay) had a total of 2344 patents on global blockchains, covering 16 countries. For the entire year of 2019, Alipay’s global public patent applications ranked first for the third year, and Tencent and Ping An ranked second and third. From the perspective of the composition of patent applications for blockchain inventions in 2019, Alipay’s blockchain patent application layout revolves around core issues in the business field, such as payment, finance, insurance, and security. In contrast, Tencent’s blockchain layout more reflects its business attributes of content production and social media. In addition, the top 100 companies in the list are mainly from 9 countries and regions, China accounts for 60%, followed by the United States 22%, Japan 6%, South Korea and Germany 5% and 3%, Finland Antigua and Barbuda, Ireland and Sweden each accounted for 1%.