JC Capital Strategic Investment Derivatives Exchange CCFOX

JC Capital announced a strategic investment in the new digital currency futures and options exchange CCFOX to empower CCFOX in global community and institutional resources. In addition, JC Capital will assist CXFOX as the chief financial advisor to complete this round of financing. The CCFOX team consists of a quantitative fund team in the traditional financial field and a traditional top stock exchange technical team. CCFOX has a top-level transaction matching engine, strong liquidity management capabilities, multiple product development capabilities and a fair trading mechanism; and it can also provide contract cloud services for exchanges. According to market intelligence statistics, CCFOX’s daily trading volume has entered the top ten of contract exchanges, and has recently received investments from FBG, Genesis Capital, and Zhizhen Capital, and has received financing from two traditional large-scale institutions in the seed round. Founded in 2017, JC Capital is an investment and investment bank company of The Blockchainer Group. The main genesis members participated in the early investment of ETH, NEO and other projects in 2015. Currently, they are focusing on the underlying public chain technology in the blockchain industry. , Cross-chain, derivatives trading related tracks.