Alibaba withdraws from terminal mining, Youku delists from Baobao

Alibaba East China Co., Ltd. has delisted all Youku Routine related products and services on April 23. The announcement shows that the delisting is due to the impact of product technology iterations and product strategy adjustments. It is understood that after 24:00 on April 22, 2020, Alibaba will no longer support the hardware maintenance of Youku router, and stop the “smart network resource bandwidth recovery and feedback statistics provided by” Youku Tudou router software system service “) software service”. Note: Youku routing treasure was originally launched by Youku Tudou Group in 2014. It focuses on the concept of routing mining and is equipped with Youjin coins that can be exchanged into today. In 2015, Youku Tudou Group was acquired by Alibaba Group. In early 2018, after Alibaba failed to launch “Majibao”, it began to promote Youku routing treasure. It was also after Alibaba took over that Youku routing treasure ushered in development.