No-pay financial contract infrastructure UMA provides ETHGlobal with a developer bonus of USD 2000

Ethereum’s feed-free financial contract infrastructure platform UMA announced the sponsorship of HackMoney on ETHGlobal and provided an award worth US $ 2,000, of which US $ 1,000 was used to reward the development of user interfaces for feed-free synthetic tokens, such as the rapid creation of synthetic tokens Currency dApp, or a monitoring panel that can monitor the running status of synthetic tokens, and another $ 1,000 is used to reward development for improving the liquidity of synthetic tokens, such as the creation of a liquidator or disputer robot to ensure no-price synthetic tokens The solvency of coins. Earlier, Lianwen had reported that UMA, a non-feeding financial contract infrastructure, will launch the native governance token UMA on Uniswap on April 29, UTC, with an initial price of 0.26 USD. UMA token is a kind of governance token. Its main role is to serve as a system governance and solve the oracle dispute. For governance, UMA token holders can vote to allow financial contracts, asset types, key system parameters How to upgrade and distribute UMA tokens. In addition, UMA token holders can also resolve disputes for non-feeding contracts. When contract disputes occur, UMA token holders vote through the data verification mechanism DVM to reach consensus.