BSV mining pool service provider is listed in the third batch of blockchain service record list of the State Cyberspace Administration

After checking the third batch of filing lists of the State Cyberspace Administration, Lianwen found that the BTC / BSV mining pool service of Fuzhou Boquan Network Technology was also included. In addition, the services involved in the third batch of blockchain information service filing lists include blockchain-based traceability, certificate keeping, copyright registration, cloud services, government management systems, judicial blockchain, supervision, and games. Among them are China Postal Savings Bank’s Forfaiting Blockchain-based transaction service platform, Beijing High People’s Court’s Tianping Chain, Baidu’s Baidu Netcom Technology’s trusted computing platform BCP and Trusted Digital Identity BIP, Du Xiaoman Services such as Duoman Oasis, China UnionPay ’s Shuibei Market, etc. Lianwen previously reported that the National Internet Information Office today released the third batch of 224 domestic blockchain information service names and filing numbers.