Ministry of Public Security: Further combat the crime of illegal fund-raising under the guise of “virtual currency” and the crime of MLM under the guise of “blockchain”

The National Public Security Organs’ Special Action to Promote Illegal Fund-raising Crimes and the Deployment of Key Work of Economic Investigation were held on April 24. Meng Qingfeng, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Public Security, mentioned that in order to further promote the special action to combat illegal fund-raising crimes, we must further highlight the focus of the fight , Focus on cracking down on the P2P platform with serious business violations and implementation of “Ponzi schemes”, as well as illegal fund-raising crimes under the guise of pension services, virtual currency, foreign exchange investment, and failure to register and file under the guise of “private equity funds” ; Focus on cracking down on MLM crimes under the guise of consumer rebates, e-commerce, blockchain, charity, military-civilian integration, and the Belt and Road Initiative. Under the leadership of the local party committees and governments, we must work with relevant departments to comprehensively investigate hidden risks and strive to achieve early detection, early warning, and early disposal. It is necessary to grasp the work rhythm, focus on precise measures, strengthen sunshine handling of cases, and do a good job in investigating and handling cases in accordance with the law.