Shan Zhiguang, Chairman of BSN: There are 128 BSN public city nodes, and cloud service providers include Baidu Cloud, AWS, Azure, etc.

The blockchain service network BSN commercial launch conference was officially held in Beijing today. Shan Zhiguang, chairman of the blockchain service network development alliance, said that the BSN ecosystem covers the underlying architects, developers, cloud service providers, portal providers and operation and maintenance. Fang et al. At present, there are 128 BSN public city nodes deployed, 76 Chinese nodes have been connected to the network, 44 are under construction, and 8 are overseas nodes. Cloud service providers include China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, AWS, Baidu Cloud, and Azure. He also introduced the highlights of the commercial version of BSN: 1. Remove the restrictions on the deployment of applications and accounting during the internal test period, users can deploy any number of applications, each application can have any number of accounting nodes; 2. Application access password Keys and user transaction keys increase the upload public key mode; 3. The deployed applications can be upgraded at any time; 4. City node gateways add user registration, key management, chaincode event management and other interfaces; 5. Provide node gateway client SDK; 6. Launched the international official website, and began the public beta.