The decentralized storage project Filecoin releases the economic structure framework and proposes the principles of basic economic models

The decentralized storage project Filecoin released the economic structure framework, reiterated that the project’s goal is to “create a decentralized, efficient and robust foundation for human information”, and proposes “cryptoeconomic principles”, “incentivize useful data storage” “Demand-driven” three-level economic structure framework. The framework proposes that there are five major players in the Filecoin economy, including customers, developers, retrieval services, storage miners, and token holders. The Filecoin team released this time just an economic structural framework, and does not involve specific parameter settings, but Filecoin said that the framework uses existing incentive mechanisms and many new mechanisms to meet the unique requirements of decentralized storage networks. The economic framework proposes some basic economic model principles and also introduces some new changes. For example, the concept of “network benchmark” will be introduced to reduce the role of the exponential decay model in the initial period of network release. Lianwen has previously reported that Filecoin plans to launch the second phase of the testnet during the window period from May 11 to 17, and the main window launch window is scheduled from July 20 to August 21.