UMA founders:, imToken and ERC-777 standard developers should all be responsible for this attack

Allison Lu, the co-founder of the financial contract platform UMA, in the “Crypto Tonight” activity, she said that in the attacks of bZx, and MakerDAO, she said that these cases are all responsibilities of multiple parties, involving Layer1 consensus guarantee Factors such as interaction between Layer2 protocols, oracle machine manipulation or errors, smart contract security, and governance. Taking as an example, she believes that all parties have certain responsibilities. “In the governance decision of, imBTC was accepted as collateral without failing to prevent” reentrant “loopholes; the responsibility of imToken lies in The ERC-777 standard is adopted without specifying which protocols the tokens are distributed to; the developers of the ERC-777 standard claim that the ERC-777 standard is backward compatible with ERC20, and they are also responsible. In the talk program jointly launched by Yama, six guests were invited to discuss related topics of decentralized finance (DeFi) in this issue.