Blockchain development team Madfish releases the first BETA version of Tezos wallet Thanos

The blockchain development team Madfish released the first BETA version of the Tezos wallet Thanos. Features include remittances and receipts, importing accounts from other wallets, viewing account transaction history, and creating and managing multiple accounts. Madfish reminds users that this version is a Beta version, and users must bear the risk of use. Madfish will launch the baking function in the next few versions, allowing users to use wallets to delegate XTZ tokens to bakers. In addition, Lianwen once reported that Madfish has disclosed the Tezos browser plug-in wallet Thanos, which is a wallet tool similar to Ethereum Metamask. This version supports 7 mainstream browsers, namely Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge, Brave, Yandex Browser and Vivaldi.