There is an error in the on-chain option agreement Hegic code, urging users to immediately exercise active option contracts

The on-chain option agreement Hegic issued an official announcement saying that there was a bug in the code that could not unlock the liquidity in the expired option contract for the newly created option contract. It called on the user to immediately exercise all active option contracts. Hegic promised to provide a 100% refund, including The premium for buying options. Hegic said that this is not a security issue, but caused by a wrong name of a function in the code. Earlier, Lianwen had reported that Hegic announced the launch of the V1 version of the Hegic protocol, which includes ETH put options, ETH call options, option writing user interfaces, custom arbitrary strike price settings, and new pricing formulas that include implicit volatility ( IV), the liquidity provider sells put options and obtains DAI’s gains and sells bullish options and earns Ethereum’s gains. In addition, the V1 version of the Hegic agreement claims that it has passed the Trail of Bits security audit, and the audit contract includes HegicOptions, HegicCallOptions, HegicPutOptions, ETHPool, and ERCPool. In addition, Hegic will issue tokens soon.