Distributed price prediction machine NEST Protocol open source all NEST 2.0 online version code

The distributed price oracle network NEST Protocol’s GitHub dynamic display shows that NEST developers have fully open-sourced the NEST 2.0 online version code. Open source contract codes include NEST Token contract, mapping contract, mining pool contract, mining pool logic, quote data contract, quote factory, price contract, NEST lock-in verification contract, system revenue pool contract, leveling contract, revenue distribution logic contract, The guardian node NestNode Token contract, the guardian node NestNode storage contract, the guardian node receives the NEST data contract and the guardian node distribution contract. Among them, each contract code has been verified by the Etherscan block browser to ensure the consistency of the contract code running on the chain and the open source code off the chain. The open source address of the quotation contract of the oracle machine in the Etherscan block browser is https://cn.etherscan.com/address/0x4F391C202a906EED9e2b63fDd387F28E952782E2#code According to block123.com, NEST Protocol is a distributed price prediction machine network, which uses a distributed quotation, arbitrage verification order, chain price and asset level growth solution to solve the prediction machine problem.