Media: Chengdu is expected to announce the DC / EP pilot around May 1st, the first batch of internal testing merchants to gather online and offline integrated consumption

According to Sichuan News Network, Chengdu is expected to announce the central bank digital currency (DC / EP) pilot around May 1st. Its internal test application scenarios will focus on online and offline integrated consumption. According to relevant sources, according to the current information, the first batch of merchants in Chengdu are mainly the strategic partners of the four major banks and the three major operators who choose their own in-depth cooperation. The cooperative merchants that have been confirmed include traditional online channel giants such as and Tmall, as well as practical application scenarios such as Cainiao Inn, Tianhong Department Store, Starbucks and so on. In addition, the Taikoo Li business district is also expected to be selected as a landing merchant cluster due to its advantageous geographic location and business conditions.