Data: One address is nearly 5.932 billion HEX transferred to 6 different unknown addresses

According to Whale Alert data, from 11:36 to 12:11 Beijing time, the address on the Ethereum chain that started at 0x9a6a41 transferred out nearly 5.932 billion HEX (worth more than 17 million US dollars) to 6 different unknown addresses. As previously reported by The Markle, on January 7, a large amount of Ethereum was withdrawn from the deposit address of the controversial HEX project, and the wallet carried out dozens of Ethereum transactions. Each transfer is approximately 1,337 Ethereum ($ 188,200). Funds holding investors at this address should not have seen a large amount of capital outflows, so some people claim that this is a clear sign that HEX has evolved into a comprehensive scam. At the beginning of December last year, Richard Heart, who claimed to be a “bitcoin thought leader”, launched the HEX token on the Ethereum network through a Bitcoin UTXO snapshot. HEX claims that it is the world’s first high-interest blockchain deposit certificate (CD) and allows users to lock their tokens in exchange for interest, but several cryptocurrency analysts questioned HEX as a Ponzi scheme.

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