dForce releases Lendf.Me stolen asset return program, no borrower can receive original assets within one week

dForce released the Lendf.Me asset return program. Users who only have deposits and no loans will receive the original assets within one week, or they can log in to the system with a wallet, confirm the terms and initiate a refund application. Officials will process them in order. The borrowed users need to return the owed money before they can get back the mortgaged assets, otherwise the position may be liquidated as a stable currency after 7 days. The dForce team stated that as of the height of the Ethereum block of 9,900,772, the Lendf.Me platform holds a total of approximately US $ 25.05 million in assets. In addition, the team also reminded users that phishing websites are rampant recently. Please confirm that the only official website is www.lendf.me. You must perform repayment and withdrawal operations through the Lendf.Me website, imToken, Bitpie, MYKEY wallet, and ensure that The original address that was previously interacted with Lendf.Me is used. Lianwen previously reported that all assets of the Lendf.Me platform were stolen on April 19, and then on April 21, the attacker returned all assets to the Lendf.Me platform.